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Remicade Infusion

I feel so much better after my latest remicade infusion. It helps me tremendously. I am not in complete remission but a lot less pain. The infusions do not hurt at all. I haven’t gotten sick.

The medi honey is also helping heal a couple of tough wounds. I have taken a couple of pictures that I will post when I have time to get it together. My sister is having surgery tomorrow so things have been hectic with my family.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will respond to questions as soon as I can. I love all the support from you all. I hope you are feeling well :)

Reminder & MediHoney Update

Just a quick reminder that you can also access my blog through Blogger (google) at the following link

I update here also. 

Also, medihoney (manuka honey based wound care) is healing my main open wound on my right arm very well. It is slow, well everything with hs is slow, but it is HEALING!! Which is a beautiful thing. I am trying to take a few progress pictures that I can post when I get a few spare moments. 

Hope everyone is doing well. I have my next remicade infusion on Friday. I will update after that. 


Anonymous asked:

I have had HS since I was 2. I am now 31. It has been a long journey. No treatment thus far has worked, and I have tried many. For the last year I have been on a low dairy diet (No milk, no yogurt, and limited amounts of cheese) and it has done wonders. I went to the dermatologist at Emory University in Atlanta yesterday and she wants to start me on Humira. I am nervous and excited. I am hoping for good results.

I hope humira works for you!! Humira has worked for so many!! Since you were 2?? I wonder if that is a typo —- most hs doesn’t start till hormones or pregnancy for people!! The no dairy thing can help. Although I rarely eat dairy because it upsets my stomach, so that works in my favor! I hope humira helps you, try to rest after your shots — that help me a lot! Best of luck to you! 


Anonymous asked:

Let me ask you a question... If you could eliminate or lessen the frequency of HS outbreaks, would you be willing to eliminate a food to do so? I am the first to say I wasn't for a very long time. I believed 100% in modern medicine & that the docs had to be the authority on how to treat HS. It certainly couldn't be a food causing it. Boy was I wrong! Don't knock an "elimination diet" until you've tried it yourself. It could just be the difference maker you are looking for. It was for me.

I have tried the elimination diet. I wish so much that it would have worked for me but it didn’t. Although, I have continued to eat better by sticking with some of the elements of cleaner eating. Stress is my main trigger for HS. 

thelonecheegan asked:

Hi! I was just browsing through your blog and saw where you were asking about people with HS and thyroid problems. I have hypothyroidism and am currently on synthroid. I'm also taking biotin, a vitamin to improve skin, and I can see a difference.

That is interesting. I was tested for this but I am right at the lower end but not low enough. Many women in my family have hypothyroidism which is why my doctor tested it. Glad that something is working for you! 


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm 18 and I've been dealing with hs for about 4 years now. Over the last couple months it's taking a bad turn, and both my underarms constantly have open sores on them, they just aren't healing anymore. I went to a surgeon and he said skin grafts would be best. So within the next to weeks I'm going to meet with a plastic surgeon. Do you have any advice on skin grafts? Thanks.

I do not have any personal experience with skin grafts. But my advice would be to go to a surgeon that has experience with HS. Ask about what other surgeries he has done on patients with the same condition. Ask if he believes he will be able to take out all or almost all of the infected area under your skin. If he does not (it is my understanding) the condition will simply re-appear on the new grafted skin. I would also inquire about the recovery time and process. Those are just things that I would be curious about if I was in your shoes. Hope that helps. Good luck and let me know how it goes. 


I’m still using medihoney on spots for wound healing and I love the results. it’s natural wound healing. While it’s not an hs cure it’s worth looking into if you need another wound healing option.

Medihoney is a brand so you are looking for manuka honey as an active ingredient. I have another brand that I haven’t tried yet so I can’t speak on that yet.

I have one spot that I am worried about that I might need to go to the hospital for soon. Hopefully no infection but since I’m on remicade I can’t be too cautious.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Anonymous asked:

I can speak on laser treatment. The laser hurts - not gonna lie. I'd like to say that it cured me of my HS forever but it did not (alas). It can also be quite expensive (I got my insurance to cover it but not every insurance company will). The benefit that I see is, if you get the treatment enough, the hair won't grow back - making it easier to see the HS when they form in stage one and easier to treat at the beginning.

That’s an interesting approach. I can see how it can be effective! Thanks for sharing!! :)


Anonymous asked:

I am a 50 yr old women I have had this skin issue at the age 14 and now having breakouts again I did have shots that kept them at bay when I had the shots no breakouts for almost a yr and now they are starting and I can not afford to see a dr

I am curious what shots you had. Comment back and let me know. It is such an expensive disease. I hope you get relief soon. It can take such a strain on finances I sure do understand that!!!

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