Anonymous asked: I'm scheduled for laser treatment this Friday(3/28/14) for HS on my chest. Any advise or experiences are appreciated. Thanks

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner! I have never done laser treatments, how did it go? Does a derm do it? Hope it all went well. Let me know your experiences I’m curious!

Anonymous asked: still post on tumblr!!

I plan on it :)

Anonymous asked: I had HS vary bad a year ago I had a quarter size hole in my skin that was deep and lasted for 8 months during this time I was on strong antibiotic it healed but I have bad scaring and I am worried it will come back I was wondering if you think the procedure of removing the skin is a good option if you know any thing about it opinion?

I have done some of my own research. I know it’s not the right choice for me. And that I haven’t found a surgeon I trust or am confident enough in. I’ve read other stories and blogs of people’s surgery experiences and medical articles. I would just suggest finding a knowledgable surgeon who you trust and has dealt with hs before.

Some progress from the humira. Inflammation has decreased a lot, not sure if that is evident from the pictures. Just keep reminding myself, at least it’s better not worse.

Some progress from the humira. Inflammation has decreased a lot, not sure if that is evident from the pictures. Just keep reminding myself, at least it’s better not worse.


I am in the process of moving my blog. Please let me know if you want me to still post on tumblr or not.

I will let you all know when that happens & the details.

I have had a rough day today. I hate HS!!


So many questions and comments I get are about diet change. I just am unsure where to start. Does anyone have any good resources on this? Or just your own personal experience.

Also, I am still on the humira. I go back to my Derm mid January I will update then!!

Happy holidays and thanks for following!! Please continue to share — I love reading other blogs and posts.

beyoutifulluvr asked: I too have HS .. I am trying to spread the word and awareness because I've noticed many people act as if we are STD infected people( when they first see our breakouts). I want to educate more people on this disease maybe you can also help me spread the word as I just started a blog and a twitter page towards HS It would be greatly appreciated I look forward to hearing from you !

Best of luck to you!

I have never had anyone think it was an std that’s horrible.

ericagolofski-deactivated201403 asked: Hey! I haven't been diagnosed with HS (scared to go to the doctor) but everything I read on the internet and my symptoms are very similar. I tried coconut oil (organic FDA certified) and it really helped my pain decrease over night, it's not 100% gone but it helped. Have you tried it?

I use coconut oil for other things like my skin and hair but have never put it on my hs. I was wondering about this awhile ago. I might try it and see how it works. Thanks and best of luck to you!!!

bennycumberbath-in-the-tardis asked: Hi! I have this exact thing really badly and I have recently cut out potatoes and in just a weeks time my hs has started to clear up! I read about this on another blog who claimed after 6 months with no potatoes, scarring and hs was mostly clear! Best of luck!

I have tried cutting out potatoes and just didn’t stick to it!! Thanks for sharing I should probably try it again!!!!

misskitsu asked: I've found that making massive dietary changes has helped my HS and greatly reduced my flare ups. I've cut out almost all dairy and red meat, both of which, in the past, made my flares much worse (it's best to avoid any and all foods that are classified as "inflammatory", like turkey). Turmeric, once a day, in pill form, has made my flares over 50% less painful, nasty, and has actually reduced the recurrence rate. I'll have a post on my account, detailing even more hints/tips I've discovered :)

Love reading your posts! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I hope you continue to have great results. I will be trying a few of these things!!! Everyone should check out this blog!!